Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy to welcome you in Lausanne. As you will see, the CHUV keeps growing, with a new patient hotel, the new oncology building, the renovation of all operating rooms, and the planned pediatric hospital. Concerning stroke, we are currently optimising our regional network with the Stroke Units (Sion, Nyon, and soon Rennaz) and 6 other acute hospitals. We are refining our prehospital and intrahospital performances and are installing a MRI in the emergency room. Our research remains centered on acute ischemic stroke (ASTRAL registry), participation in multiple randomized studies, the animal laboratory (ischemia model), prosthetics (EPFL) and stem cell transplantation (Prof. J. Bloch).

The upcoming annual conference of the Swiss Stroke Society at the CHUV is dedicated to a wide range of topics as the pre-hospital phase, acute imaging, polymorbidity, vasculitis and asymptomatic aneurysms. At the same time, there will be plenty of for discussion and research presentations. The chair positions will be entrusted to our young colleagues.

We are particularly proud that following the conference, a group of committed nurses are organising the first “Swiss Symposium of the Stroke Nursing Network”. This should lay the foundation for a Swiss-wide continuing education in stroke care and facilitate our interprofessional collaborations.

Bienvenus à Lausanne


Prof. Patrik Michel (President of the Congress) & Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Arnold (SSS President)