Scientific Programme - 23rd Annual Meeting of the Swiss Stroke Society

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Thursday, 9th January 2020 – 23rd Annual meeting of the Swiss Stroke Society

Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen, Zentraler Hörsaal (Haus 21)

Time Topic Subtitle
8.40-8.45 Welcome
M. Arnold, G. Kägi
8.45-9.00 Satellite Symposium – Portola Schweiz GmbH
Chair: G. Kägi
Management of DOAC-associated haemorrhage – new opportunities
9.00-10.00 Topic 1: Management of intracerebral haemorrhage
Chairs: M. Arnold, J. Fandino
The Neurologists view; D. Seiffge

The Neurosurgeons view; J. Beck
10.00-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-10.50 Poster Flash
Chairs: T. Kahles, J. Vehoff
Correlation between ASPECTS and core volume on CT Perfusion: Impact of time since stroke onset and presence of large vessel occlusion; S. Nannoni

Imaging selection by MRI as compared to CT and rates of futile recanalization after mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke; T. Meinel

Profiling extracellular vesicle surface markers, as diagnostic tool in patients with Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA); G. Bianco

Therapy and outcome in patients with acute M2 segment occlusion of the middle cerebral artery and minor neurological deficits; M. Heldner
10.50-12.10 Topic 2: Recent advances in stroke treatment
Chairs: U. Fischer, B. Tettenborn
New evidence in acute stroke treatment; S. Kiechl

New evidence in secondary stroke prevention; H. Sarikaya

New evidence from machine learning in stroke - Current concepts of machine learning in stroke imaging; R. Wiest

New evindence in machine learning in stroke - Decision making by machine learning – ready to go?; S. Wegener
12.10-13.15 Lunch in the industrial exhibition & poster viewing
13.15-14.15 Satellite Symposium – Nestlé Suisse S.A.
Satellite Symposium: Prediction and treatment of post stroke dysphagia
Chair: G. Kägi, A. Luft
Predicting recovery of post stroke dysphagia; M. Galovic

Treatment of post stroke dysphagia; P. Bath
14.15-15.15 Topic 3: Controversies
Chairs: C. Cereda, E. Carrera
PFO closure for secondary stroke prevention
Pro: B. Meier
Contra: M.-L. Mono

Endovascular treatment in large core volume stroke
Pro: P. Mordasini
Contra: J. Weber
15.15-15.40 Coffee break
15.40-16.20 Free Communications
Chairs: M. Katan, C. Berger
Endovascular stroke treatment and risk of intracranial hemorrhage in anticoagulated patients; T. Meinel

Cerebral small vessel disease burden and intracerebral haemorrhage in patients taking oral anticoagulants; D. Seiffge

Safety and efficacy of intra-arterial urokinase after failed, unsuccessful or incomplete mechanical thrombectomy in anterior circulation large-vessel occlusion stroke: A prospective cohort study; J. Kaesmacher

Early midregional pro-atrial natriuretic peptide predicts occurrence ofatrial fibrillation in stroke patients: Data from the BIOSIGNAL study; J. Schweizer
16.20-17.10 Topic 4: Guidelines
Chairs: P. Lyrer, B. Rodic
Revised certification criteria stroke centers/stroke units SFCNS/ESO; S. Engelter

New Swiss Guidelines (SHG)
Acute stroke treatment; C. Cereda

New Swiss Guidelines (SHG)
Prehospital organization; S. Renaud
17.10-17.30 Awards & Closing remarks
Chairs: M. Arnold, M. Katan, G.M. De Marchis
17.40-18.30 General Assembly SSS